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Catch helps brands sell more stuff through marketing strategies that grab attention, communicate values, and build relationships.


The new technologies and communities that comprise Social Media have given consumers a platform for publishing, networking, and organizing. User-generated content, conversation, and opinion are supplanting broadcast messaging as the drivers of brand influence.

Marketers now need to listen to and collaborate with their customers. Traditional modes of “paid marketing” are still relevant for driving discovery, establishing credibility, and generating sales. But “earned” and “owned” media, distributed to and by loyal brand advocates, enable marketers to deepen consumer relationships and harness influence around shared values and brand promise.

Catch works with brands to understand their industries, capabilities, competition, and culture before collaborating with clients to drive short-term and sales and build long-term, sustainable competitive advantage.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Identity/Messaging Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Site/Application Development
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising (digital, print, radio, TV)
  • Print Collateral
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Performance Tracking, Analysis, & Optimization
  • And more

Catch Companies and Clients


Catch invests in early-stage entrepreneurs who are leveraging technology to reinvent culture and industry.


Catch seeks opportunities to work closely with entrepreneurs and their lead investors to provide added value through our networked relationships and expertise in “go to market” strategy. Catch generally invests between $50-$100k in two to five deals per year.

Recent exits include Skiphop, acquired by Fireman Capital Partners (6X) and the Echo Nest, acquired by Spotify (5X).

Sector Experience



Michael Cohen has been a New York-based entrepreneur, marketing consultant, and early-stage technology investor since 1995.

About Michael Cohen

Michael is an entrepreneur, consultant, and early-stage investor primarily focused on leveraging social media and technology to drive brand strategy and disrupt traditional institutions and culture.

Most prominently, Michael co-founded the pioneering digital marketing firm iballls Internet Media. As President, Michael helped iballs define the Internet’s value as a marketing channel for clients such as Alloy, Bose, Hearst, J.Crew, News Corp., Netscape, The Princeton Review, Officemax, and Sony. In 1999, iballs was acquired by aQuantive /Avenue A, where Michael led process and technology integration prior to a successful IPO and exit from the company in 2000.

Most recently, in addition to his consulting/investing activities, Michael has partnered in Modern Green Home, a Hamptons home building firm, for which he has helped drive 5x growth between 2012-13. Other career highlights include helping his wife co-found Manhattan’s East Yoga Center studio in 2004, which spawned Animal Planet’s K9 Karma TV show, and a short stint at Ogilvy & Mather pitching social media to Kodak and IBM in 2008.

Most meaningfully, Michael is a husband to Kari and a father to Karma, Lotus, and Bodhi. A native Philadelphian, Michael and his family (including four rescue dogs) relocated from Fort Greene, Brooklyn to Sag Harbor, NY in 2009 and then to Great Barrington, MA In 2013 to complete a lifestyle trifecta in city, ocean, and mountain living.

Otherwise, Michael enjoys skiing with his kids, practicing yoga with his wife, playing softball, tennis, and golf with his friends, and consuming TV, film, books, music, and Internet culture. Michael holds a B.A. in English from Tufts University, an MBA from Columbia University, and is a member of the NY Angels.